Pim Betist spreekt op het congres voor Consumententrends

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Consumententrends 11 en 12 oktober 2011
Op 11 en 12 oktober vindt Consumententrends voor de 16e keer plaats. Wij zijn erbij en hopen je te mogen verwelkomen bij het landelijke trendcongres voor inspiratie, inzicht en innovatie. Pim Betist spreekt over nieuwe consumer-driven businessmodellen. Klik hier voor de brochure met het volledige programma.


De consument is aan de macht!
De opkomst van internet & social media heeft een revolutionaire verandering gecreëerd. De consument is overduidelijk aan de macht en krijgt een andere rol in de samenleving en in het businessmodel van elke organisatie. Tijdens het tweedaagse congres komen dé trends aan bod die jouw business gaan bepalen.

Farid Tabarki spreekt over de nieuwe trends in de tijdsgeest & samenleving, Jim Stolze gaat in op de verschuiving van producteconomie naar aandachtseconomie en Henry Mason deelt de ’12 trends that will kick ass in 2012’ met je. Op dag twee meer over de vertaling van trends naar innovatie en new business, een interactief middagprogramma waarbij je de toonaangevende consumententrends hoort voor jouw branche en een inspirerende afsluiting: Ga vreemd! Een wereldreis langs succesvolle innovatieve concepten wereldwijd door Rob Adams. Bekijk het
volledige programma.

Relatiekorting 20%
Graag bied ik je de mogelijkheid het congres bij te wonen met een korting van 20% bij inschrijving voor één of beide dagen. Vermeld bij je aanmelding de kortingscode 777PimB om in aanmerking te komen voor de korting. De korting wordt niet met terugwerkende kracht verwerkt. Bij deelname aan beide dagen ontvang je een gratis hotelovernachting in het 4-sterren hotel & Wellness resort Sanadome, bovendien biedt Euroforum je een gratis beauty & wellness arrangement als je je voor 31 juli 2011 aanmeldt.

Meer informatie
Heb je nog vragen of wil je je inschrijven. Neem dan contact op met Euroforum: Leanne Visser via 040  297 2793 of
l.visser@euroforum.nl. We hopen je te zien op 11 en 12 oktober. Plaats: Wellness Conference Center Sanadome in Nijmegen.


Russians are crowdfunding a battle against corruption

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From our Russian correspondent @dubcountry:
As crowdfunding continues to occupy niches across industries and sectors, the concept may just go a long way. A very peculiar initiative I recently discovered comes from a  Russian lawyer and an increasingly popular political activist, Alexey Navalny. Mr Navalny is known for his anti-corruption efforts and a struggle against fraudulent government-affiliated Russian businesses.
Navalny’s  recent project RosPil aims to uncover corruption of government tenders. All government tenders are published online where anyone, be it citizens or businesses, can search through databases. The idea is great, as it assumes transparency and easy monitoring, however, according to Mr. Navalny huge numbers of tenders are still rigged. To combat fraud in governmental tenders,  Navalny asked general public to fund the RosPil project. For the money received Navalny hires top-notch legal professionals, which systematically assess government tenders, find flaws, illegalities as well as pure scams and then initiate legal proceedings. Moreover, to make sure the requests are heard and are heard on time, Navalny encourages the public to also file complaints to the prosecutors’ departments, president’s administration etc. All the documents that are filed including all subsequent correspondence with officials is published online on the RosPil website.
Initially Navalny aimed to crowdfund RUB 3 mil – RUB 5 mil (ca. EUR 75k – 125k), to be collected within the period of one year. But few weeks into the project, he has already gathered around RUB 7 mil (ca. EUR 175k) and contributions continue to flow. As stated on the official website, RosPil team has filed 39 complaints against tenders, 21 of which have been found as well-grounded by the authorities with the total worth of prevented corruption RUB 7 mil. On the scale of government spending the sum is not sky high but it’s a start.
Not wanting to dig deep into political activism (music is a merrier lot), I am still very happy to see that incarnations of cowdfunding help find solutions to problems of various caliber. In the case of RosPil, it’s strive for transparency and successful supporters’ activism are a promising start in Russia’s crowdfunded anti-corruption battle!

Ska legends, crowdfunding targets and Japanese nuclear crises: there is a connection

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Back in March a promising and ambitious project appeared on Kickstarter. A DJ, radio host, producer and now film maker, Brad Klein, was looking for money to fund his lifetime dream – a great Ska documentary. It was going to be the first film ever to feature most of the still living fathers of JamaicanSka music, their performances, interviews, history and much more. Brad was attempting to make this film since early 2002 right after he organized Legends of Ska concert in Toronto, a venue acknowledged by media as the best concert of the year!

The documentary was indeed promising but the project failed to reach the $50,000 mark on Kickstarter and funds were returned to the backers. Pity! I had a chance to speak to Brad shortly after his Kickstarter project went sideways. We figured there were two main factors playing their role in project’s failure: overly ambitious target and the Japanese nuclear tragedy. Let’s start with the latter. The original campaign launched on Kickstarter on March 10, 2011. By next day, entire world was glued to TVs anxiously watching Japanese nuclear crises unfold. Foreign aid from countries and individuals poured into Japan while reducing money available for other things. Brad believes that had profound influence on his Kickstarter campaign. Being involved with Ska and the idea of making the film for almost 10 years now, Brad knows there are plenty of Ska fans in Japan and Europe. Due to the crises however those fans paid little interest to the documentary. Although it might sound a little farfetched at first it is actually quite reasonable. During major crises a lot of attention that would otherwise be dispersed over many things, is now focused on a particular event. While there is little we can do in avoiding major disasters, we can still accomplish much towards realizing our goals. In terms of crowdfunding that also means setting a target that is realistic, yet that will help you get where you want. More money is always good, and probably more money will help you make a better movie, record a grander album, better build a brand etc. But with each crowdfunding project there is a limit to how much you can get. Back on Sellaband I saw Public Enemy (among others) struggling to reach their goal. Since then I know that it is better to have less money than nothing at all. If you view crowdfunding not only as means to finance your project, but also as an effective way to market it, you will see that you need less crowd money than you think. The extra may come from angel investors, government institutions etc. Ultimately your crowdfunding campaign is great to attract money not only from the crowd. If you show markets’ trust (measured by your CF success), they will be more inclined to fund the rest of your project. Meanwhile Brad launched his second campaign on Kickstarter. He lowered the target, improved incentives and is well on the way to succeed this time. If you like Ska music, or know anyone that does, go ahead and support Brad –it might just be the best Ska documentary ever!

ARTE TV on Crowdfunding, Hind and Pim Betist

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Couple of weeks back ARTE TV showed a short clip about crowdfunding, featuring Hind and me. Hind is a Dutch pop singer widely known as the first finalist of Dutch Idols. Also, Hind is arguably the most successful crowdfunder on Sellaband – in just 11 days she received $40,000 from fans. If you speak German or French, click here and check out the video.

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